Deep Patois Words of Wisdom (Jamaican proverb)

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80 Common Jamaican Patois Sentences That Will Help You Learn The Language

The followings are deep patois words of wisdom (Jamaican Proverbs), I will be sharing five of them today. I hope you find it interesting and insightful:  

  1. Finger neber say ‘look here’, him say ‘look yonder’ – The finger never says ‘look here’, it says ‘look yonder’.
    This Jamaican proverb means that people do not usually point out their own faults.
  2. Peacock hide him foot when him hear ’bout him tail – The peacock hides his foot when he hears about his tail. This Jamaican proverb teaches us that a proud person doesn’t like their weaknesses being exposed and will try to hide them.
  3. Cack mowt kill cack – The rooster was killed by his own mouth. This Jamaican proverb teaches us not to boast or speak out of turn as it could lead to our own downfall.
  4. Rocka ‘tone a ribba bottom no feel sun hot – A stone at the bottom of the river nevers feels the heat of the sun.
    This proverb means that those in easy circumstances do not understand the hardship of others.

  5. ​​Pit inna de sky, it fall inna yuh y’eye – If you spit into the sky, it falls back into your eye

    This proverb teaches us that when we do things to hurt others, we only end up hurting ourselves.

    Feel free to visit this page again for more deep and spiritual patois words of wisdom that would lift your spirit soul and body higher.