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Message of Wisdom

Every week we feature a new Rasta prayer or quote of Wisdom thru JAH, so that you can seek a stronger faith. Hopefully, our featured quote will help inspire and strengthen your prayers.

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The Ital Way

It's most important to note, Ital is Vital! Of course, any true Rasta will tell you a pure diet increases vital energy, in all people, RASTA or NOT! Without a doubt, we could all use more ital in our diet. In the meantime, explore our recipes for meal ideas.

No Salt


True Rastas avoid added salt in foods, especially salt with the artificial addition of iodine. However, some add pure sea or kosher salt to their food. Ital food is flavorful as is nevertheless, so skip the salt tonight and see for yourself.

No Chemicals


Secondly, Rastas believe that Jah exist in ALL living things. Hence, this is why eating Ital is so vital to Rastas. Ital cuisine involves a natural way of cooking because Ital foods are pure and from the bountiful Earth. In addition to their wholeness, they don't contain pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Since the 1940's, Rastas spoke out against pesticides and processed foods. In summary, Rastas believe that they are consuming the essence of JAH, since He exist in all living things!

Plant Based


Thirdly, The Ital way is following an all natural plant-based diet. Most importantly, Rastas believe we must nourish our minds, bodies, and souls by eating a natural, plant-based diet. In essence, they only absorb the positive energies in plant life. For this reason, they reject the consumption of negative energies associated with meat.

Rasta-Reggae Jukebox

Our Rasta Jukebox features Reggae selections that you can listen to whenever you're visiting Rastaverse. For example, you can explore pre-reggae classics, modern dance hall hits and more. At this time, take a moment and click play below and jam along with our Rastaverse weekly featured Reggae classics.


Reggae Events

Rastas gather around the world in order to celebrate their music, culture, and history. See what events are going on in the Rastaverse, so that you can connect with other Rastas. Without further ado, check out our events page for more.


Jamaican Videos

Here is a collection of videos, so that you may gain a better insight into the Rasta Movement and Religion. In the meantime, check out our Video page more Rasta movies.