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Vegan recipes that are consistent with Rastafari beliefs.
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The Ital Way

Ital food

Ital is Vital

Undoubtedly, Ital means Vital! Any true Rasta will tell you a pure diet increases vitality, in all people, RASTA or NOT! We could all use more Ital in our diet. Ital food is natural, clean and pure food, unmodified by GMOs and untainted by modern pesticides. In other words, a plant-based diet is the Ital way. In essence, an Ital diet increases Livity, or life energy. Obviously, Rastas believe that what you put in your body should increase Livity, not reduce it.

Natural is The Only Way

Processed foods and meats have a low-vibration, which they believe your conscience takes on when consumed. This means Rastas avoid taking in any chemicals, flesh, blood, and alcohol. To point out, Rastas don't smoke cigarettes and they do not take drugs. They avoid oil and salt too. The Rasta diet looks back to the Old Testament Book of Leviticus and the example of the ancient Hebrews.

However, some seafood is permissible. Any fish consumed must be less than a foot long. Shellfish and Pork are prohibited.  Additionally, some Rastafari are even more particular. For instance, some Rastafari don't use aluminum cookware. They believe that trace amounts of the metal can be left in the food and transferred to the body. For that reason, traditional ceramics are preferred.

Living From The Land is Ital

Rastafari believe that their food is a way to be one with nature, and they view food as medicine, treating disease by preventing it.

Today it is easier than ever to eat Ital. Most large cities have farmer's markets where responsible shoppers can get to know where their local produce is coming from. You probably have a local Co-op to explore too.

In sum, Ital food is all natural food. Ital cuisine involves a natural way of cooking. In addition, they don’t contain pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Since the 1940’s, Rastas have disapproved of processed foods because they aren't vital and considered "Junk Food" by many. For the most part, the Rastafari diet is rich and nourishing. They believe in living from the land and honoring the values of liberation and oneness.

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