Jamaican Movies

Our Rasta movie selections are useful, enriching, and moving. Watch and Learn more about the Rastafari faith while gaining insight through the eyes and stories of actual Rastafari.

Famous Jamaican Movies

We have put together a list of popular Jamaican movies that will give you insights into the Rastafari faith and culture. Specifically and clearly, we cover the year, genre, popularity, and the option to buy within each Jamaican movie description. If available the trailer or movie will provided as well.  Almost all prominent movies associated with the Rastafari faith can be found here. Our list of famous Jamaican movies includes additional information about the movies and relation to the Rasta faith , such as who directed them and other notable facts, awards, etc. Any movies that cover Rastafari culture should appear on this list, with the most well-known ones at the top.

The most popular Jamaica cinema is included below as well. Be certain that if you see a movie that's missing, then it probably isn't very well-known. (But PLEASE let us know!) The list of movies filmed in Jamaica includes The Blue Lagoon, Cool Runnings, Dr. No, Knight and Day, and many more. If you've ever wondered what movies are Rasta gems, find out here! 

One Love (2003)

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A Rasta musician meets a Gospel singer when they both enter a music contest in Kingston, Jamaica. They fall for each other but are kept apart by the Girl's father, the Pastor who wants her to marry another in their church. (100 mins.)

Rockers (1978)

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Horsemouth sets himself up in business selling records but when gangsters steal his bike things start to turn nasty. As tensions build, Horsemouth and friends plot to end the gangsters reign of terror and restore justice to the people of Kingston. (100 mins.)

Dancehall Queen (1997)

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A single street vendor disguises herself for a dance contest, and pits her enemies against each other. (98 mins.)