Thank You, Jah

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Jah Jah, when you made me I was perfect, please put me on the path to become more like the day you made me. In you Jah Jah I seek to improve myself, please put your hand on my heart in order that I may fulfill this desire.’ Jah loves me and wants me to be my best at all times, with his love, and guidance, self-improvement is inevitable. Blessed is the name of Our Lord God Jah Ras Tafari Blessed is he who comes in the name of Jah May His name and His glory be Blessed

Give Thanks for all things that push us forward in life, Blessings Give Thanks for Health, Strength Daily food, Blessings

Give Thanks for the opportunity to partake in the Divinity of Life, Blessings Give Thanks for Great Minds and Great Sacrifice, Bless

Give Thanks to Jah for all the small, big, and unforeseen gifts that the Universe provides for us Life is a gift… share it well…

I Give Thanks to Jah for the breath I have at this moment to Give Thanks …