Vavamuffin is a Polish raggamuffin, roots reggae and dancehall band from Warsaw.[1] They were formed in 2003 and have released five albums under the label Karrot Kommando. The band members are Pablopavo, Reggaenerator, Gorg, Emili Jones, Jahcob Junior, Raffi Kazan, Mothashipp, Dubbist and Barton. They have participated in Przystanek Woodstock.

The band was created around February 2003 in Warsaw [1] , it is associated with the label Karrot Kommando . Her effort in April 2005 released their debut album Vabang! Vavamuffin intense concerts in Poland and abroad (including the Croatian festival Seasplash ). Vavamuffin summer of 2005 he took part in the Sopot festival TOPtrendy . In July 2006 the band played at the Woodstock Festival in Kostrzyn. October 20 released a second CD containing remixes of songs from Vabang! Dubang! In contrast, 23 October 2007 year during a concert at the Palladium club, had its premiere third album (the second studio) – Inadibusu . April 4, 2008 Vavamuffin played in Warsaw Stodola concert celebrating five years of the band. On the same occasion it was released single radio Vavamuffin . In 2013, the club Zak tenth anniversary of the band premiered their new album  Solresol .

In the poll of the magazine Free Colors team took first place in the category of Polish band or performer 2,005 years and the third in the category of World Music Poland hope [ needed footnote ] .Debiutancka plate Vabang! was awarded as the best Polish plate and the best Polish debut album and four songs from it ( Bless , Jah is the president , sect , Chwilunia ) are in the top seven categories of Best Song Poland (respectively: 2, 3, 4 and 6 . place) [ needed footnote ] .Teledysk the song Bless took second place among the top music videos [ need

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