Talento De Barrio

Talento De Barrio
Daddy Yankee
Released: Aug 2008
Label: Machete Music / El Cartel Records


Talento de Barrio (English: Hood Talent) is a film released on October 10, 2008 by Maya Entertainment, starring Daddy Yankee. The film was directed by José Iván Santiago, and written by George Rivera and Ángel M. Sanjurjo, with additional material by Edgar Soberón Torchia. It was also the first movie Daddy Yankee co-produced. In the United States it was a major success, although it was not launched in all the country. It was shown in the major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, and some parts of New Jersey.

In Latin America, it was shown in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. The DVD of the movie was released in all the countries of Latin America. Big sales went on in Central America, mostly in El Salvador.[2][3][4]

Ramón Ayala (better known as Daddy Yankee) stars as Edgar Dinero, a young man from the streets of Puerto Rico who gets tangled between the thug life of his neighborhood and the beat of his neighborhood. On that path Edgar encounters disruption among his crew men, while falling in love with an uptown girl from whom Dinero must conceal his strong ties with the violent neighborhood underworld.

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