Still Raggamuffin

Still Raggamuffin

Still Raggamuffin
Released: May 2013
Label:Afrodbx Ent

‘STILL RAGGAMUFFIN’ brings you Zambezi Music, Hiphop and Reggae|dubstep with the frank, millitant, socially conscious style – dESH has been known for since he first stepped on stage.

This album is a real blend of reggae Dubstep and Zambezi Music, dESH worked with numerous producers from South Africa, Italy, Spain and California in the United States. The first single that is already out was produced by the acclaimed dubstep producer, Spag Heddy from The Netherlands two months ago on Within the first week of its release, the single went to number one.

According to ‘Still Raggamuffin’ is a cheeky club-destroyer that will knock listeners and revelers clean off their feet with the sheer and unexpected ferocity of this monumental collaboration between Spag Heddy and dESH. From our most prized archives straight to your desktop, we are honored to present ‘Still Raggamuffin’

Never before has dESH sounded this way as he was previously known for mixing reggae vibes with Zambezi Music back in Africa, Zambia , where he release two solo albums to his name.
‘Still Raggamuffin’ is reggae and dubstep and according to dESH, this is his first attempt to record a reggae only album.

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