Original Albums Collection

Original Albums Collection
Laurel Aitken
Released: September 2014
Label: Imports


Born in Cuba of mixed Cuban and Jamaican descent, laurel and his family settled in Jamaica in 1938.[1] After an early career working for the Jamaican Tourist Board singing mento songs for visitors arriving at Kingston Harbour, he became a popular nightclub entertainer. His first recordings in the late 1950s were mento tunes such as “Nebuchnezer”, “Sweet Chariot” (aka the gospel classic “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”) and “Baba Kill Me Goat”.[2] Aitken’s 1958 single “Boogie in My Bones”/”Little Sheila” was one of the first records produced by Chris Blackwell and the first Jamaican popular music record to be released in the United Kingdom.[1] Other more Jamaican rhythm and blues orientated singles from this period include “Low Down Dirty Girl” and “More Whisky” both produced by Duke Reid.

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