Natural Dread Killaz

Natural Dread Killaz – is a young, Wroclaw band founded in 2003 by two brothers, originally from Wroclaw Biskupin: Mesajah and Paxon, who are singers and producers of the team at the same time. Musician, they play a mix of reggae, dancehall, ragga and rap. Musicians respectfully approach the Jamaican tradition of the genre, at the same time, they say, by opening up to new influences and sounds. Reggae since the dawn of history was primarily to play music and dance. Natural Dread Killaz during the concert trying to heat up dancefloors to red. A reputation for vigorous disasters and protrusions.

The founders already as a young boy helped his father playing the bongos salsa, and later became interested in the recorded backing tracks. Among the friends of the settlements they found people willing to cooperate. After the acclaimed concerts and publications on the Internet track “Wake up to the lion,” about the band suddenly became loud.

Young team been interest in the environment both reggae and rap, which resulted to be going (Soundkail include the French and Polish warehouses; WWO, KASTA Composition, Abradab, Dj Feel X, Indios Bravos), which have a strong impulse to further develop.

Since the beginning of the cooperation of the whole team was set on the foundation of the family and friendly, forming a colorful collage of talented personality. In addition Mesajah and Paxon on “Naturally,” sang Natta, whose ability to allow swift and easy to adjust to both sleepers fast and rhythmic, and sensual and free.

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