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Why Advertise on ? traffic varies depending on the post. If you are looking to reach a quality audience involved in the Rasta culture, then Rastavere is the right platform to advertise with.

Below you’ll find all the specifications.

Blog Statistics

Over 100,000 monthly unique visitors.
Over 300,000 monthly page views.
15,000 RSS/email subscribers.
Rastaverse is the best website on the Internet that extensively covers the Rastafari religion. is also a great website to reach the Rasta community.
All advertisements are EXCLUSIVE in that we DO NOT rotate your ads with others. Your ads will receive 100% of the impressions for its placement.

Advertising Options

Banners: We have the following sizes available: 300×250, 125×125. Banners are not rotated with other advertisers so you get 100% of the impressions.
Post Review: If your product or service is relevant and useful to our audience, we may review it on Rastaverse.
Email Blast: A review of your product or service can also be emailed to our newsletter subscribers.

If you are interested, just send us an email to or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with the rates and availability.