Choose Rasta Name in Spiritual Way - Male and Female

Choose Rasta Name in Spiritual Way – Male and Female


Choose Rasta name!

Choose Rasta Name once they start to embrace the Rastafari Livity? Most people literally don’t know how to Choose Rasta Name . So, we are here to give you some tips on choosing your rasta name. The reason  to Choose Rasta Name is start new. To commemorate the renewal of Self ,Choose Rasta Name to tell the world that you are not   Babylon any longer, and that you now represent Jah. Therefore, you need to Choose Rasta Name new name to go with the new lifestyle and to reinforce that you are your own person now, instead of a name that represents being a slave to Babylonian lies and tricks.

King Selassie the First was born Tafari Makonnen. When he became King of Ethiopia, the High priests renamed him Haile Selassie I, which translates to “Power (might) of the Trinity”. This is His coronation name.

Choose Rasta Name: 5 tips

  1. Choose Rasta Name straight from the Bible.
  2. Make up a Rasta name by using some Jamaican Patois words.
  3. Put the word “Ras” in front of your birth name if you are male, put the Word “Empress” or “Queen” in front of your birth name if you are female.
  4. Use a word that is part of Rastafari Culture (Jah, Trinity, Haile, Lion, etc.)
  5. Mix up these options.


List of Rastafari words to incorporate as part to choose your new Rasta Name:
















How I choose my Rasta Name:

My Rasta name is Yuajah (Yu – are – Jah)

I choose that name for myself soon after I started growing my dreadlocks. I knew before I grew my locks I was going to have to have a Rasta name to commemorate the change of spiritual awareness in my life, from Christianity (Baptism name) to Rastafari, spiritual heights name.

I put the word “Empress” in front of my Rasta name to Emulate the name of Empress Menen. In Rastafari Culture most Rasta women like to put the word “Queen” in front of their Rasta name. I like Empress because it sounds more I-cient to me.

I like my Rasta name because it is original and consists of Jamaican Patois and incorporates the word Jah.

Rasta men are naturally called “King.” Some prefer the word “Ras” in front of their Rasta name, meaning “Prince” or “head.” Again it is a personal choice. Let the Spirit of the Most High inspire you.

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